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Free Yourself From Pain with Five, Interactive Programs: Total Body, Low Back and Core, Hip, Pelvic Floor, and brand new Shoulder Program.

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  • How does the membership work?

    We designed the Move U membership to be an affordable and attainable way for you to align and strengthen your body.

    Our 6 month or annual options are set to automatically renew each subscription term and grant you access to all that we offer for the duration of your membership.

    We offer several options to get you on your sh!t fixing journey. Why? Because every body is different and we want to make learning accessible and relatable to as many people as possible. We currently offer our flagship Total Body Program for those who want a deep dive, overall approach as well as our Low Back and Core, Hip and Pelvic Floor Courses for those who want a fun, entertaining approach to education. All are included in the MoveU Membership.

    Each program includes either written or follow along workouts so that you can put your newfound skills to work.

  • Will the MoveU Membership help my exact injury/ache/pain?

    We get the question about how our Membership can help people address their "unique" situation a lot. Understand that the ENTIRE body works together - the location of your pain is NOT usually the source or root cause of your pain.

    Our Membership allows you to discover for yourself where the muscle weaknesses and imbalances exist within YOUR body.

    Based on your own self-discovery and our progressive workouts, you can use the membership however you see fit to tailor it to your needs as you build strength, align your body, and improve mobility.

  • Can the MoveU Membership help me even if I am not in pain?

    Yes! Fixing yo sh!t is for everyone! Whether you are looking to improve your posture, increase your body awareness, increase strength and mobility, our Membership will help you achieve those goals.

  • How will an online membership help me better than 1-on-1 in-person sessions?

    The MoveU Membership gives you the knowledge and tools to be able to improve your body without needing to see specialists or trainers.

    Seeing these specialists for 1 hour at a time, 3 times a week for 2 months may help, but what happens in the other 23 hrs of your day? This has a HUGE impact on how your body feels and moves through life.

    Our Membership can help you gain awareness and understanding of how your body works to enable YOU to move well throughout all the hours of your day, whether a trainer is present with you or not.

    A deep understanding of why you have developed whatever misalignments or imbalances you have is the first step to the transformation you are seeking. Applying what you learn through consistent practice provides results that can last a lifetime.

    We offer support for our members and each program has a corresponding Facebook Community for you to ask any questions regarding our Low Back & Core, Hip, and Pelvic Floor courses - which are designed to be self led. Our Total Body Program comes with professional coaching in a private Facebook community where members can post their movements for coach analysis and feedback.

  • What equipment will I need for the MoveU Membership?

    Most techniques and workouts in our Membership can be performed with minimal equipment and without needing access to a gym. Here is a list of required and optional equipment. Further specifications and links to products can be found once inside your membership:

    Must Have
    Lacrosse ball
    Foam roller
    Resistance bands
    A PVC pipe or broomstick
    A mirror or camera to watch your movements
    A timer

    Optional Equipment
    Yoga mat
    Yoga block
    Weight bench
    Foam pad
    Dumbbells or kettlebells

  • Can the program help me if I'm ___ years old?

    The MoveU Membership is for every body at any age! You're never too old or young to start fixing your sh!t.

  • Still have questions?

    Contact us at [email protected]