For a fraction of the cost of Doctors, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and Acupuncturists, you’ll own the knowledge to Fix Yo Sh!t. Imagine that, knowledge to carry with you your whole life and utilize anytime!


    Phase 1: The Method. It is aimed at improving your body aches and will help you understand why you have pain. Through a series of challenging workouts, you will learn to strengthen your body and apply what you have learned to your everyday life. The movements you learn in this course will help correct symptoms of poor posture and the daily damage of repetitive motions. Lessons learned in this phase will have an immediate impact as well as set you up for long term symptom relief.

    Phase 2: MoveU Fitness. By the end of Phase 1, you will have a full understanding of the "6-checkpoints," and how to apply them to everything that you do. Phase 2 will focus on improving your techniques on squats, deadlifts, lunges, pushups, pull-ups, plyometric exercises, and end-range strengthening.


    MoveU Pelvic Health is for those of you who are pregnant or postpartum or have experienced hernias, herniations, or any other “pressure-related” issues.

    The Symptom Relief Library is an additional resource for addressing specific pain points. This collection of stretches, massages, and strengthening exercises are for temporary relief of acute symptoms.

    Fix Yo Mindset aims to improve your mindset and allow you to maintain a habit and stay positive throughout your journey. These encouraging audio clips will be emailed to you each week for you to listen to while you are driving, showering, cooking, etc. Combined with the online community, you are destined for incredible growth and success.


    Through a network of peer support and knowledgeable coaching staff, you can be sure you are successfully meeting your goals. The MoveU Community is made up of people experiencing many of the same issues you are and have learned to overcome them. Having a positive mindset is crucial to your success, and the community will help you stay positive and help answer any questions you have throughout the program.


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MoveU taught me how to shift my mindset on pain, fear, and fitness and I am grateful for it every day.

Audrey, California, US

I have realized that no imaging or diagnosis can help me “heal” my back pain because everything I personally need I have learned in this program.

Alexandria, Saskatoon, CA


  • Does everyone go through the same program, or do I get a specific program that is personalized for my issues?

    We get the question about how our program can help people address their "unique" situation a lot. We ask you to please understand that the ENTIRE body works together and that the location of the pain is NOT usually the source or root cause of the pain.

    The MoveU Program takes everyone through the same exercises that test your body from head to toe. This allows you to discover for yourself where the muscle weaknesses and imbalances exist within YOUR body.

    Based on your own self-discovery and the feedback you receive in the private Facebook community, you can use the exercises and techniques in the program to tailor it to your own needs.

  • Can the program help even I am not in pain?

    The MoveU Program is an investment in your long-term physical health. Whether you are looking to improve your posture, increase your body awareness, increase strength and mobility, the program can help you achieve those goals.

  • How will an online program help me better than 1-on-1 in-person sessions?

    The MoveU Program guides you to a better understanding of your own body, empowering you with the knowledge and tools to be able to improve your body without needing to see any “specialists” to do this for you.

    Seeing these “specialists” for 1 hour at a time for 3 times a week for 2 months may help initially; however, what YOU do the other 23 hours of your day has a HUGE impact on how you feel with your body.

    Our program can help you gain body awareness and understanding of how your body works to enable YOU to take back control of your body. Nobody will ever understand your body like you will, and nobody will ever care about your body like you will. Take responsibility for your body!

    It is much more impactful for you to discover this for yourself. A deep understanding of “why” you have developed these imbalances will guide you to the transformation you are seeking and have the results last a long time. We have found that telling people what is wrong with them or what to do, rarely leads to any substantial improvement.

  • How do I get started? How does the program work?

    Welcome to the program! We’re so excited to have you join! You'll see "My Dashboard" at the top of any page on the program. Click "My Dashboard" to begin or resume where you left off.

    The program is completely self-paced, but you must complete it in order. That means you’ll need to start at Phase 1, Introduction. Go at your own speed, and if you need to repeat any steps, you can do so as many times as you need!

  • What equipment will I need to complete the program?

    A large majority of the exercises in the MoveU Program can be performed with minimal equipment and without needing access to a gym. The needed equipment, along with optional equipment, can be found within the program and is also included below.

    Must Have Equipment
    Lacrosse ball
    Hard foam roller
    Heavy resistance bands, small
    A PVC pipe, or a broomstick
    A sealable water bottle for feedback and balancing
    A mirror or camera to watch your movements
    A timer

    Optional Equipment
    Yoga mat
    Yoga block
    Weight bench
    Foam pad
    Dumbbells or kettlebells

  • How much time does it take to do the MoveU Program each day?

    We recommend committing to practicing the movements and exercises in the program for AT LEAST 30 minutes per day. If you have more time each day, then spend as much time as you want. The program is entirely self-paced and allows you to better fit it into your busy schedule.

    It is also important to note that you’ll be learning training exercises that are relevant to your daily life. As a result, you’ll be able to practice these movements throughout your entire day, and not just within a gym setting!

  • Do you have a monthly payment option?

    We do not currently have a monthly payment plan available at this time.

  • Can the program help me if I'm ___ years old?

    The MoveU Program was built to help people of all ages. The program will help you re-learn the basic fundamental movements of the human body and how to apply them throughout your daily life. Regardless of how old you think you may be, our program teaches you to strengthen your body into a better position to help you achieve your goals, whether it is to improve your posture, increase strength and mobility, or reduce your pain. This program is for everyone!

  • Still have questions?

    Contact us at [email protected]