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    • Welcome to the MoveU Program!
    • Getting Started
    • Intro Assessment
    • About the Team
    • 🔥Frequently Asked Questions... Answered (FAQ's) 🔥
    • Join the MUver community!
    • Equipment and Program Materials You Will Need
    • 🌟Additional Program Resources (Symptom Relief Library, Pelvic Program, and Mindset Program)
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    Module 1: Improve Your Body Awareness
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    • Intro
    • Learning to Tilt your Pelvis (Lying Pelvic Tilts)
    • Lying Lateral and Circular Pelvic Tilts
    • 📖 Pelvic Tilt Anatomy Video and Optional Text
    • Learning to Breathe into your Diaphragm and Chest
    • Struggling to Breathe Backward and to the Sides??
    • 📖Breathing Anatomy Video and Optional Text
    • Learning to Control your Shoulder Blade (Scapular Rotations and Retractions)
    • Common Mistakes with the Scapular Rotations
    • Scapular Depressions
    • Common Scapular Depression Mistakes
    • 📖Shoulder Blade Anatomy Video and Optional Text
    • Hip Flexor Stretches (Static and On-The-Go)
    • Quadratus Lumborum (QL) Stretch and Self-Massage
    • The Press up for People with Disc Injuries and Flattening Lumbar Spines
    • Spine and Disc Anatomy
    • 📖Is Stretching Good or Bad? (Optional Text)
    • The Workouts
    • How do the workouts in this program work? (Optional Text)
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    Module 2 - Make the Connection
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    • Intro
    • Learning the Bottle Rock (Hip Hinge)
    • Common Bottle Rock Mistakes
    • 📖Hip Hinge Anatomy Video and Optional Text
    • Learning How to Engage the Glutes (Glute Pops)
    • Standing and Seated Glute Pops
    • 📖Glute Anatomy Video and Optional Text
    • Learning How to Use Your Feet (Foot Grip)
    • Foot, Hip Strength, and Balance
    • Mobilizing Your Feet and Ankles
    • 📖Foot Anatomy Video and Optional Text
    • Hip and Shoulder Stretches (Piriformis/Glute and Pec Minor Stretch and Massage)
    • The Workouts
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    Module 3 - Strengthen Yo Sh!%!
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    • Intro
    • Table Top Pelvic Tilts
    • Lateral and Circular Table Top Tilts
    • 📖Tilting Optional Text
    • Learning to Thoracic Tilt
    • Learning How to "Brace" the Core
    • Bracing while Seated and Standing
    • 📖 Bracing Anatomy Video, FAQ's, and Optional Text
    • **Bonus** Bracing for People with Excessive Anterior Tilt (Sway Back)
    • How to REALLY Plank
    • Modifying the Plank (Drop Your Ego!!!)
    • 📖Planking Optional Text
    • Learning the Glute Bridge
    • Modifying the Glute Bridge
    • 📖 Glute Bridge Optional Text
    • "Bridging the Gap" with the Clam Shell
    • Sitting in the Squat Position (Improving Ankle, Hip, and Back Mobility)
    • Calf/Ankle Stretches and Massages
    • The Workouts
    • Full Body Workouts (Incorporates Movements from Previous Modules)
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    Module 4 - Some Muscles You May Not be Strengthening
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    • Intro
    • The Groin Rock (Hip Mobility and Hip Hinging)
    • Groin Rock Modifications and Mistakes
    • 📖Hip Anatomy Video and Optional Text
    • (Optional) Making the Groin Rock more Challenging
    • Banded Scapular Row
    • Banded Scapular Row Mistakes and Modifications
    • 📖Rotator Cuff Anatomy Video and Optional Text
    • Toe Planks (Foot and Arch Strength)
    • 📖Toe Plank Optional Text
    • Banded March (Hip Flexor Strength)
    • 📖Banded March Optional Text
    • Active Thoracic Rotations (Mid-Back and Rib Mobilization)
    • 📖Thoracic Rotation Optional Text
    • Pec Massage /Stretch
    • Workout Intro
    • The Workouts
    • Full Body Workouts
    • Checking in again!
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    Module 5 - A Test of Core Strength
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    • Intro
    • Standing Pelvic Tilts (Pelvic Tilt Sequence during a Hip Hinge and Squat)
    • Standing Lateral and Circular Tilts
    • Kneeling Pelvic Tilts (Optional Video)
    • 📖Kneeling & Standing Tilts (Optional Text)
    • Leg Drops (Abdominal, Hip Flexor, and Core Strengthening)
    • Roll Ups (Abdominal and Neck Strengthening)
    • Are your hips clicking during the leg drops? (Optional Video)
    • 📖 Leg Drops & Roll-Ups (Optional Text)
    • Single Leg Glute Bridge
    • 📖 Single Leg Glute Bridge Cues (Optional Text)
    • Banded Walks (Glute Strength)
    • Glute, Piriformis, & TFL Massages
    • (Optional) How Do I Walk?
    • Workout Intro
    • The Workouts
    • Full Body Workouts
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    Module 6 - Remember to Have Fun!
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    • Intro
    • Intro to the RDL (Standing Hip Hinge)
    • 📖The RDL (Optional Text)
    • The "W" (Mid Back, Shoulder, and Rotator Cuff Strengthening)
    • 📖W's (Optional Text)
    • The Balance Matrix (Strengthen the Feet, Knees, and Hips with Fun Balance Games)
    • 📖The Balance Matrix (Optional Text)
    • Hamstring Planks (Strengthening the Hamstrings)
    • Hamstring Curls (Strengthening the Hamstrings)
    • 📖Strengthening Your Hamstrings (Optional Text)
    • Massaging the Traps and Levator Scapulae and Foam Rolling the Upper Back
    • Workout Intro
    • The Workouts
    • Full Body Workouts
  • 08
    Module 7 - Stepping Up the Difficulty
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    • Intro
    • The Bird Dog (A Not-So-Simple Exercise)
    • 📖The Bird Dog (Optional Text)
    • Leg drop Roll Up (Abdominal and Core Strength)
    • 📖The Leg Drop Roll-Up (Optional Text)
    • Single Leg Step Down (Hip, Glute, Quad, and Balance Strengthening)
    • 📖The Single Leg Step Down (Optional Text)
    • The Bretzle Stretch (A Full-Body Stretch)
    • Workout Intro
    • The Workouts
    • Full Body Workouts
  • 09
    Module 8 - The End of the Beginning
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    • Intro
    • Weighted RDL (Hip Hinge)
    • 📖Perfecting The RDL (Optional Text)
    • The Scapular Pushup (Strengthening the Serratus, Rhomboids, Pecs, Lats, etc)
    • 📖Scapular Push-Up (Optional Text)
    • Scapular Side Raise (Strengthening the Mid-Back and Shoulder)
    • 📖Scapular Side Raise (Optional Text)
    • Single Leg RDL (Hinging with One Leg)
    • 📖Single Leg RDL (Optional Text)
    • Workout Intro
    • The Workouts
    • Full Body Workouts
    • Are You Ready For Phase 2?
    • How do you feel?!