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    • Welcome to the MoveU Program!
    • Getting Started
    • Intro Assessment
    • About the Team
    • 🔥Frequently Asked Questions... Answered (FAQ's) 🔥
    • Join the Muver community!
    • Equipment and Program Materials You Will Need
    • 🌟Additional Program Resources (Symptom Relief Library, Pelvic Program, and Mindset Program)
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    Module 1: Improve Your Body Awareness
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    • Intro
    • Learning to Tilt your Pelvis (Lying Pelvic Tilts)
    • Lying Lateral and Circular Pelvic Tilts
    • 📖 Pelvic Tilt Anatomy Video and Optional Text
    • Learning to Breathe into your Diaphragm and Chest
    • Struggling to Breathe Backward and to the Sides??
    • 📖Breathing Anatomy Video and Optional Text
    • Learning to Control your Shoulder Blade (Scapular Rotations and Retractions)
    • Common Mistakes with the Scapular Rotations
    • Scapular Depressions
    • Common Scapular Depression Mistakes
    • 📖Shoulder Blade Anatomy Video and Optional Text
    • Hip Flexor Stretches (Static and On-The-Go)
    • Quadratus Lumborum (QL) Stretch and Self-Massage
    • The Press up for People with Disc Injuries and Flattening Lumbar Spines
    • Spine and Disc Anatomy
    • 📖Is Stretching Good or Bad? (Optional Text)
    • The Workouts
    • How do the workouts in this program work? (Optional Text)
  • 03
    Module 2 - Make the Connection
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    • Intro
    • Learning the Bottle Rock (Hip Hinge)
    • Common Bottle Rock Mistakes
    • 📖Hip Hinge Anatomy Video and Optional Text
    • Learning How to Engage the Glutes (Glute Pops)
    • Standing and Seated Glute Pops
    • 📖Glute Anatomy Video and Optional Text
    • Learning How to Use Your Feet (Foot Grip)
    • Foot, Hip Strength, and Balance
    • Mobilizing Your Feet and Ankles
    • 📖Foot Anatomy Video and Optional Text
    • Hip and Shoulder Stretches (Piriformis/Glute and Pec Minor Stretch and Massage)
    • The Workouts
  • 04
    Module 3 - Strengthen Yo Sh!%!
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    • Intro
    • Table Top Pelvic Tilts
    • Lateral and Circular Table Top Tilts
    • 📖Tilting Optional Text
    • Learning to Thoracic Tilt
    • Learning How to "Brace" the Core
    • Bracing while Seated and Standing
    • 📖 Bracing Anatomy Video, FAQ's, and Optional Text
    • **Bonus** Bracing for People with Excessive Anterior Tilt (Sway Back)
    • How to REALLY Plank
    • Modifying the Plank (Drop Your Ego!!!)
    • 📖Planking Optional Text
    • Learning the Glute Bridge
    • Modifying the Glute Bridge
    • 📖 Glute Bridge Optional Text
    • "Bridging the Gap" with the Clam Shell
    • Sitting in the Squat Position (Improving Ankle, Hip, and Back Mobility)
    • Calf/Ankle Stretches and Massages
    • The Workouts
    • Full Body Workouts (Incorporates Movements from Previous Modules)
  • 05
    Module 4 - Some Muscles You May Not be Strengthening
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    • Intro
    • The Groin Rock (Hip Mobility and Hip Hinging)
    • Groin Rock Modifications and Mistakes
    • 📖Hip Anatomy Video and Optional Text
    • (Optional) Making the Groin Rock more Challenging
    • Banded Scapular Row
    • Banded Scapular Row Mistakes and Modifications
    • 📖Rotator Cuff Anatomy Video and Optional Text
    • Toe Planks (Foot and Arch Strength)
    • 📖Toe Plank Optional Text
    • Banded March (Hip Flexor Strength)
    • 📖Banded March Optional Text
    • Active Thoracic Rotations (Mid-Back and Rib Mobilization)
    • 📖Thoracic Rotation Optional Text
    • Pec Massage /Stretch
    • Workout Intro
    • The Workouts
    • Full Body Workouts
    • Checking in again!
  • 06
    Module 5 - A Test of Core Strength
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    • Intro
    • Standing Pelvic Tilts (Pelvic Tilt Sequence during a Hip Hinge and Squat)
    • Standing Lateral and Circular Tilts
    • Kneeling Pelvic Tilts (Optional Video)
    • 📖Kneeling & Standing Tilts (Optional Text)
    • Leg Drops (Abdominal, Hip Flexor, and Core Strengthening)
    • Roll Ups (Abdominal and Neck Strengthening)
    • Are your hips clicking during the leg drops? (Optional Video)
    • 📖 Leg Drops & Roll-Ups (Optional Text)
    • Single Leg Glute Bridge
    • 📖 Single Leg Glute Bridge Cues (Optional Text)
    • Banded Walks (Glute Strength)
    • Glute, Piriformis, & TFL Massages
    • (Optional) How Do I Walk?
    • Workout Intro
    • The Workouts
    • Full Body Workouts
  • 07
    Module 6 - Remember to Have Fun!
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    • Intro
    • Intro to the RDL (Standing Hip Hinge)
    • 📖The RDL (Optional Text)
    • The "W" (Mid Back, Shoulder, and Rotator Cuff Strengthening)
    • 📖W's (Optional Text)
    • The Balance Matrix (Strengthen the Feet, Knees, and Hips with Fun Balance Games)
    • 📖The Balance Matrix (Optional Text)
    • Hamstring Planks (Strengthening the Hamstrings)
    • Hamstring Curls (Strengthening the Hamstrings)
    • 📖Strengthening Your Hamstrings (Optional Text)
    • Massaging the Traps and Levator Scapulae and Foam Rolling the Upper Back
    • Workout Intro
    • The Workouts
    • Full Body Workouts
  • 08
    Module 7 - Stepping Up the Difficulty
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    • Intro
    • The Bird Dog (A Not-So-Simple Exercise)
    • 📖The Bird Dog (Optional Text)
    • Leg drop Roll Up (Abdominal and Core Strength)
    • 📖The Leg Drop Roll-Up (Optional Text)
    • Single Leg Step Down (Hip, Glute, Quad, and Balance Strengthening)
    • 📖The Single Leg Step Down (Optional Text)
    • The Bretzle Stretch (A Full-Body Stretch)
    • Workout Intro
    • The Workouts
    • Full Body Workouts
  • 09
    Module 8 - The End of the Beginning
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    • Intro
    • Weighted RDL (Hip Hinge)
    • 📖Perfecting The RDL (Optional Text)
    • The Scapular Pushup (Strengthening the Serratus, Rhomboids, Pecs, Lats, etc)
    • 📖Scapular Push-Up (Optional Text)
    • Scapular Side Raise (Strengthening the Mid-Back and Shoulder)
    • 📖Scapular Side Raise (Optional Text)
    • Single Leg RDL (Hinging with One Leg)
    • 📖Single Leg RDL (Optional Text)
    • Workout Intro
    • The Workouts
    • Full Body Workouts
    • Are You Ready For Phase 2?
    • How do you feel?!

Enrollment in the MoveU Method Includes

  • Phase 2 - MoveU Fitness

    By the end of Phase 1, you will have a full understanding of the "6-checkpoints," and how to apply them to everything that you do. Phase 2 will focus on improving your techniques on squats, deadlifts, lunges, pushups, pull-ups, plyometric exercises, and end-range strengthening.

    We encourage people to try new movements, sports, hobbies, and challenge others in our Private Phase 2 Community.

  • Pelvic Health & Symptom Relief Library

    MoveU Pelvic Health is for those of you who are pregnant or postpartum, or have experienced hernias, herniations, or any other “pressure-related” issues.

    The Symptom Relief Library is an additional resource for addressing specific pain points. This collection of stretches, massages, and strengthening exercises are for temporary relief of acute symptoms.

  • Mindset & MoveU Community

    Encouraging audio clips will be emailed to you each week for you to listen to while you are driving, showering, cooking, etc. Combined with the online community, you are destined for incredible growth and success.

    Through a network of peer support and knowledgeable coaching staff, you can be sure you are successfully meeting your goals.


“MoveU taught me how to shift my mindset on pain, fear, and fitness and I am grateful for it every day.

Audrey Voris, California, United States”

“I have realized that no imaging or diagnosis can help me “heal” my back pain because everything I personally need I have learned in this program.

Alexandria Pavelic, Saskatoon, Canada”

“The visual/body changes are fun but my new mindset, the way I see life, the way I interact with the people I love... It made me a better person, a better athlete, and a better father.

Sam Girard, Quebec, Canada”