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    Test your Sh!t!
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    • Welcome!
    • Checkpoint 1 - Foot
    • Checkpoint 2 - Knee
    • Checkpoint 3 - Hips/Pelvis
    • Checkpoint 4 - Core Alignment
    • Checkpoint 5 - Shoulder Blade Control
    • Checkpoint 6 - Head and Neck Positioning
    • Putting it Together - Squat, Hip Hinge, and Pushups
    • Drop Your Ego
    • What's your next step?


MoveU taught me how to shift my mindset on pain, fear, and fitness and I am grateful for it every day.

Audrey, California, US

I have realized that no imaging or diagnosis can help me “heal” my back pain because everything I personally need I have learned in this program.

Alexandria, Saskatoon, CA

The visual/body changes are fun but my new mindset, the way I see life, the way I interact with the people I love... It made me a better person, a better athlete, and a better father.

Sam, Quebec, CA